Debi Hartwell - MA, CCC, CSAT-S, CMAT

Sex Addiction Therapy

In childhood when the need to bond with others has been wounded through trauma, neglect or abandonment, people can experience great emotional pain. They then have difficulty relating to their sexuality in ways that honour their values, respect their bodies and encourage growth in relationships.

Sexual addiction or compulsivity is an intimacy disorder. Sex addiction is defined by repeated and often escalating sexual behaviour patterns which are acted out often without regard to the personal or relational consequences that these actions create. It is a serious problem that involves lies, betrayal and deception.

There is hope - many, many people find recovery.

If you are concerned about your sexual health go to and click on “Am I a sex addict?” to take the sexual addiction screening test!

“When I first started working with you I was lying to everyone in my life. I was anxious and depressed and thought there was no hope. I was manipulating several people in hope that I would not get caught. You pointed me in the right direction and now my life feels real and my sense of me has greatly improved” - J, 42, Vancouver, BC

Is pornography a problem? Or is it about other behaviours that have you acting outside of your value system?

Sex Addiction TherapyOver the past few years, internet pornography has become easily accessible. As a result many clients are reporting an increasing preoccupation with surfing the internet for porn. They are saying that it has become “out of control” and that they are “unable to stop”. Keeping their “obsession” a secret, they are spending more and more time isolated from their family and friends.

If you have discovered that your partner fits the above description and you have noticed that you are feeling depressed, confused, angry, and lonely and have a growing sense of a poor self-image and sexual withdrawal. You are not crazy, as these are the resulting consequences of loving someone with this problem.

Restoring clients’ healthy sexuality is one of my clinical specialties. If you are a person struggling with sexual compulsivity you may have found your behaviour has escalated to chronic internet pornography and masturbation, strip clubs, chat rooms, cyber-sex, sexting, affairs, paying for sexual services and other sexually compulsive behaviours.

If you can relate to this, you are not alone! There is a step by step, one day at a time approach that can help you restore your life to sanity.

I have been trained by Dr. Patrick Carnes and the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction has certified me as a Sex Addiction Therapist-Supervisor.

If you are ready to chase your recovery just as you chased your addiction give me a call and I can show you a path. There is a recipe for recovery that works if you decide to work it. Contact me by phone 604-318-2351 or if you prefer by email Remember that email can be intercepted and is not strictly confidential.

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