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Are you living your life to the fullest?

Debra Hartwell Counselling and Psychotherapy ServicesDo you feel like your life is at a standstill, like something is missing or unfulfilled?

Do you have difficulty having fulfilling relationships? Do you find that you fight frequently over the same issue over and over again?

Have you and your partner drifted apart? Do you want to know how to reignite the fire back into your relationship?

Do you think you are stuck in the negative memory of past stressful situations that you have not transformed to positive life energy?

Do you have a loved one who has an addiction or has compulsive behaviour?

Do you continue with behaviours even when you experience negative consequences?

Have you been traumatized by a loved one’s compulsive behaviour?

Are you on a path of recovery, but still feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled?

Are you hurting people you love by behaving in ways that are against your ethics and values?

“I was stuck in a hopeless place until I started working with Debi. I was constantly angry and blaming my partner. Through our work together I was able to regain my sense of hope by owning my own issues and working through them. Almost by magic, my relationship improved!” - RJ, Vancouver, BC

If this situation sounds like yours, you are not alone! In our primary relationships, our partners serve as stand-ins for all the folks that we have loved before. We are attempting to work through the unresolved issues that we have struggled with along the way to finding and maintaining a healthy secure love bond. Awareness alone will not help us achieve long lasting intimacy.

Welcome to my website! I offer specialized therapy services to individuals, couples and youth.

I have extensive training in treating complex trauma, behavioral and substance addictions, depression and anxiety, relationship restoration, intimacy and sexual health.

Please read further to understand the scope of my counselling practice and how I might be of help to you and/or your family.

“When I started counselling I was so anxious that I was failing in school, isolated and so angry and sad. I didn’t have many friends and the friends I did have I didn’t think liked me. Debi sat with me and helped me connect the dots back to my family and the pain I experienced there. That was really painful but it freed me up to show up for my life. Finally show up.”
- ED, New Westminster, BC

Debra Hartwell Counselling and Psychotherapy ServicesOur family of origin serves as the template for how we live our life and how we love those in our life. As children, if we made adaptations to our natural capacity to be fearless and secure with our loved ones, we will carry those adaptations into our adult life whether they work or not. Our particular style of attachment is not written in stone … we absolutely can change. It takes an understanding of how we relate to others and a desire to do it differently. There most certainly is hope!

Untreated addiction destroys families. Sexual addiction or compulsivity is an intimacy disorder. Sex addiction is defined by repeated and often escalating sexual behaviour patterns which are acted out often without regard to the personal or relational consequences that these actions create. It is a serious problem that involves lies, betrayal and deception. There is hope. Many people find recovery and restore their relationships to a healthy level of intimacy.

“A friend told me that Debi had really helped her and so I phoned for the free 15 minute talk. I decided to take a chance and see if counselling would work for me. I had a lot of judgments that counselling was for weak, sick people. But, I was in a lot of pain and knew I needed help. Debi was personable, knowledgeable and really easy to talk to. She really did help me to take responsibility for my behaviours and to stop blaming other people. I didn’t even really know that I was blaming others, I just felt stuck and unhappy. I worked ‘my side of the street’ and things got much better. - DH, Coquitlam, BC

Seeking therapy may be one of the most important things that you do in your life. The pain you are experiencing may be the catalyst to living a richer more fulfilled life. Choosing the right counsellor is very important. Most often people want a therapist who is knowledgeable and can listen without judgment, while at the same time, give important sometimes hard to hear feedback.

My approach to therapy is practical, helping you to achieve your goals. I am known to be easy to speak to, engaging and very supportive.

Call for a free 15 minute telephone consultation to see if I can help with your particular problem.

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